How to Become a DRAC Member

DRAC Access Now!
DRAC is a true cross-disability organization. WE ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

We need the talents and passion of everyone who share our vision and goals, and believe in our principles, and there is plenty of room for everyone in DRAC - no matter how experienced you are, or how young or old you act or feel.

By participating in our shared mission, you can truly become a part of an organization that has been making a difference in this community (and nationally) for over 25 years.
Being a DRAC member is rewarding and allows you to make a difference too!
The funds we raise from membership opportunities doesn’t go to salaries, overhead or anything like that.

It is used to directly subsidize the costs associated with getting our voice heard.

That means it is used for:

- travel costs for getting local ADAPT activists to the actions and back home;
- hotel rooms where DRAC and ADAPT activists can stay during the actions; and
- accessibility accommodations like sign language interpreters at the actions.

We also actively engage in:

- actively getting the attention of State Legislators to promote real and positive change;
- fair housing audits to ensure compliance to local codes and building ordinances; and
- other local accessibility actions activities to gain local awareness.
Join ADAPT-Utah Chapter and Make a Difference
If you believe that nursing homes are not homes, everyone has the right to live in the community, and to have access to affordable and accessible housing, then you should join DRAC TODAY!

If you believe that the only disability lies in the attitudes and barriers of society, you can decide right now to take action and become a member.

If you believe that basic medical care, access to businesses and government buildings, employment that is free of discrimination, and that any other opportunities everyone else might take for granted that are all freedoms that every citizen of the United States should be able to enjoy - then join us!

If you are disabled and want to go where everyone has gone before, then join our team!

There is real power in numbers.
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