About DRAC

We work to get our people out of nursing homes so they can live freely in the community.
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Our Motto:
"To boldly go where everyone has gone before..."
Our Mission:
"We are committed to assuring and enhancing the rights of all people with disabilities."
Our Issues:
  • Health Care: Working to rebalance the current Medicaid system so the Community Choice Act promise is a reality.
  • Housing: We are working to eliminate discrimination and expand availability of affordable, accessible housing.
  • Accessibility: Public Transportation must be available, accessible and affordable for people with disabilities.
What We Do:

DRAC alerts members to act:
Write letters to Legislators, Congress, Mayors and other public officials...
Write letters to local businesses and merchants regarding discrimination in access and treatment...
Attend rallies and support fundraising...

DRAC participates in: Providing public testimony before the Legislature, City Councils, etc.
Provides input and gives advice to policy makers on disability issues.

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