Meet DRAC’s Superhereos

DRAC's SuperHeroes a.k.a. Board of Directors
Executive Director: Jerry Costley
"To boldly go where everyone has gone before..."
~ Jerry Costley Executive Director
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Lopeti Penima'ani
"What good does it do to work all your life and then you get disabled and you can't get the care you need?"
~ Lopeti Penima'ani
2017 Chair DRAC Board of Directors
Lopeti is a former cable TV repairman and producer of a reggae TV show in Hawaii... and is a long-time National ADAPT Warrior.

He has been involved with the Disabled Rights Action Committee since the year 2000, and served on the Utah Disability Law Centers' Board of Directors from 2004-2010.
He was also involved with the Arizona Center for Disability Law, and served on the Board of Directors there from 2010 through 2015.

Attended BYU-Hawaii where he studied Communication and he is also a student of American Sign Language and ASL/English Interpreting.

Lopeti says he is all about moving forward in as positive vibe as he can, always taking the time to help all his bredren an sistren along the way, where & whenever possible.
Vice Chair:
Cathy Garber
"Going into a nursing home really takes away one's choice to live as they wish.”
~ Cathy Gerber
Cathy Gerber
Cathy Garber refuses to be defined by her cerebral palsy, describing herself as stubborn and fiercely independent.

The 44 year-old graduate with a Masters Degree in Social Work once spent six months at a nursing facility after surgery and vowed never to go back. "I want to be productive, a contributing member of the community and not forced to languish in a nursing home."

After 10 years on Utah's disabled-services waiting list, she was told by a state caseworker that her best hope for getting a home aide was to agree to a 90-day stay at a nursing home.
She was so offended by this ridiculous comment she vowed to make her voice heard to never let anything resembling this suggestion to happen to anyone else.

She has been working with DRAC ever since.
Secretary Treasurer: Barbara Toomer
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
~ Margaret Mead
Diabled Rights Action Committee Board of Directors
Barbara Toomer has been in a wheelchair since a bout with Polio in the ‘50’s.
It started in 1983 when she was invited to the home of ADAPT in Denver for a training on civil rights.
After many of years of working with other ADAPT chapters stopping busses, crashing meetings and talking to Congress she was inspired in 1991 to help organize the Disabled Rights Action Committee.

She became an activist (using the examples of Dr. Martin Luther King and Gandhi) and has been using non-violent demonstrations and confrontations to change attitudes and policies ever since.
At the age of 87 years young she continues her work to protect and enforce the civil rights of people with disabilities.
Sherry Repscher
“Sherry Quote...”
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Sherry Repscher is a leading advocate in the disability rights movement for more than forty years. She is a past director of accessibility and an ADA Compliance Officer for the Utah Transit Authority.

In her career she has been involved with the ADA Services Advisory Council, the YWCA board and the University of Utah Rehabilitation Services Advisory Committee, the Utah Independent Living Center Advisory Board, and she was the executive director of the Utah Governor’s Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities.

Sherry is widely regarded as a national expert on the Americans with Disabilities Act, and was present at the White House signing of the law in 1990.
Billie Gay Larson
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Diabled Rights Action Committee Board of Directors
Billie returned to Utah after living in Washington, D.C. for 25 years.
She was elected Chair of the Utah State Democratic Party Women's Caucus where she met Barbara Toomer, who was at the time serving as the Disability Caucus Chair.

She was elected President of the Democratic Women's
Club of Utah, where she tripled their membership and was thus elected to second term.

Billie was invited to join the Disabled Rights Action Committee to increase membership
and grow partnerships with allies and adversaries alike, among her other duties upholding and avenging disability rights.
Don Reifsnider
"I truly believe disabled people should have all the freedoms and rights that everyone enjoys..."
~ Don Reifsnider
Don Reifsnider of DRAC
Don served from 2010-2015 on the Board of Directors at the Crossroads Urban Center, and has enjoyed many opportunities for service over his 27 years in Salt Lake City.
He also volunteered for many years with the Anti-Hunger Action Committee (est. 2002) at the Crossroads Urban Center. It was there he met Mike Marble who told him about DRAC and suggested he get involved.

We're lucky he took Mike's advice and began volunteering at DRAC in 2011. He soon began serving as Chair, and remains a member of the Board where his compassion and vision continues to shape and inspire the group.