DRAC Advocate Honored by Utah State Senate

Barbara Toomer Recognized by Utah State Senate
Many of you are aware of our founder Barbara Toomer's passing in April of 2018. It was unexpected and she left peacefully surrounded by her family.

With her passing we are proud to announce that on August 15, 2018 the Utah State Senate honored her with the proclamation below.

Barbara was a hero to many in the disability community for her effort over the past several decades. She envisioned the world a place where people with disabilities can live with the same rights as those without disabilities.

The Utah State Senate chose to recognize and honor her lifelong advocacy and we would like to note that this is one issue in which we are in total agreement with our State's legislature.
Utah State Senate Proclamation Honoring DRAC Founder Barbara Toomer
She will be dearly missed for her spirit of action, the amazing work she did and her tireless commitment, her many accomplishments, and the legacy and mission she left for us here at DRAC and in the disabled rights community.

We are also proud that another one of our DRAC members, Billie Larson, was also mentioned and recognized on the Senate floor by Senator Jim Dubakis for her many years of outstanding legislative work.

The Disabled Rights Action Committee would like to sincerely thank Barbara and Billie for their service and dedication to fighting for equal rights for every citizen of our state and our country.

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