The Disabled Rights Action Committee Strongly Supports Utah Proposition 3 for Full Medicaid Expansion

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The Disabled Rights Action Committee strongly supports proposition 3, full Medicaid Expansion, which will be on the ballot this November.

Proposition 3 is a citizen’s initiative which, when passed will provide access to Medicaid coverage for individuals earning less than $17,000 per year, or parents earning less than $34,000 per year for a family of four.

A recent poll conducted by the Hinckley Institute shows — once again — that a majority of Utahns want Medicaid expansion.

But the State is pushing for a smaller more scaled-down version.

This November, Utah voters will be faced with a decision which will impact the lives of more than 150,000 of Utah’s citizens.

Accordingly, we want to provide information about Proposition 3 so that voters can feel empowered and informed as they cast their vote in November.

Some may ask why people with disabilities should support Medicaid expansion to everyone who is at or below 138% of the poverty level.

First, this could give a potential boost in income to the many individuals with disabilities who can work at least part time.

Currently, Utah citizens with identified disabilities must turn over all income over the federal poverty level to the state and federal government to “purchase” their Medicaid, making it very difficult to get ahead financially.

Secondly, our current “silo system” of eligibility, which requires that everyone who applies for Medicaid document that they have one of several specified disabilities leaves many individuals out.

Many individuals have hidden disabilities that prevent them from working but which are not easily diagnosed or identified.

Other individuals don’t have the financial means to consult the doctors and specialist who are needed to document a disabling condition.

Under Medicaid expansion everyone under 138% of the poverty level will be covered, including persons with disabilities who haven’t been able to get the proper diagnoses.

We have long advocated for doing away with a system that is based on isolated silos of diagnoses.

Once you have registered to vote and you have your ballot in hand — as you consider your interest and the interests of your brothers and sisters with disabilities, please consider voting "YES" for proposition #3, full Medicaid expansion.

More information regarding Proposition #3 can be viewed by Clicking Here.

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